Green Mortgages

Green Mortgages

At Holme Mortgages, we can strive to help you find the best green mortgage for you.  

As you might expect, a green mortgage is specifically for green buildings. Provided as an incentive for the homeowner to either buy a green building or to adapt an existing home to make it greener, by way of energy-efficient improvements, for example.


Lenders reward you for owning or making improvements to your home, thus making it greener. Many UK homes are inefficient in the way they heat which also results in high energy bills. Green mortgages were introduced as a way in which to get us as homeowners thinking about how we utilise energy. 

This is all down to your EPC rating, which, if you’re considering a green mortgage, you will no doubt be aware of your EPC rating. Lenders look favourably upon this and will, in the main, offer either cash back or a lower interest rate. 

Suppose you’ve already invested and made your home as energy efficient as possible. In that case, it’s worth looking into a Green mortgage, especially if your home is EPC rated at A, B or C. But, if you’re yet to invest, it may not be worth the financial outcome to make the required changes. 

That said, the point of a Green mortgage and a Green home is actually the planet. This is more of a heart-led incentive, with the end result being to save our planet.

Every little helps, as it were! 

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