Buying a house is likely the biggest commitment financially that you have.

You insure your car, yes? So you need to think about insuring your house but arguably and most importantly, yourself too. Not only for you but for your family. You need to know that if bad things happen, that your loved ones are provided for and looked after financially. 

There are so many different types of insurance protection policies out there and it can probably get a little confusing. So please speak to us and we can ensure that you only get the ones which are right for you and your family. You don’t want to be paying for something you don’t need.  We also offer a review service. So if you already have cover in place, may not fully understand what you have or may have had some significant life changes: new job, addition to the family, new home, it may be time for a review.

Whether you’re using our services for your mortgage or not, we are happy to help with this very important service.

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Income Protection

As the title suggests, this type of cover is all about protecting your income. If you can’t work due to illness or perhaps an injury, do you know how long you’ll get paid by your employer? Some offer sick pay, a lot don’t so it would be wise to look into income protection. Especially if you’re self-employed as only you is looking out for you. 

A policy would pay you a monthly sum whilst you’re unable to work, which will be a helping hand towards your mortgage and bills. Worth considering seriously as this is a flexible product which you can build around your potential requirements. 

Life Insurance

Everyone has come across Life Insurance. Basically, it would pay a lump sum to you or your partner should you die during the term of the policy. In the main, people opt for a life insurance policy to pay off the mortgage. You can still get cover, even with pre-existing medical conditions, but with all insurance policies, just be totally honest when the insurance company is doing their fact-finding. 

Critical Illness Cover

Unfortunately, 1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. Along with many, many other serious illnesses such as heart disease, a stroke, etc. Critical illness cover will pay you a lump sum if you are one such person. It doesn’t have to be terminal either, which is great news as more and more people survive and can live with such terrible illnesses. 

Accident Cover

An extremely popular type of insurance for a whole range of reasons. Whether you are self employed, particularly sporty or active or may have a health history that prevents any other cover being put in place.

This cover can offer support for accident or injuries that may result in broken bones through to permanent disability. With additional features like Active Lifestyle cover which provides payouts to clients to support recovery from tendon ruptures, ligament tears and certain types of dislocations.

Business Protection

If you run your own business, you’re a partner, a sole trader, a limited company or the like, then it’s very important to make sure your business will run smoothly if you’re not around. There are many different shapes and sizes of business cover, so the one most suitable for you will need researching. 

For instance, Key Person cover, does as the title suggests. You would insure the key people in your business, such as the Finance Director, the CEO or perhaps your best salesperson. 

Shareholder protection insurance is another form of insurance. If you have shareholders, you can provide shareholders with the means to buy back shares from other shareholders if that person becomes too ill to work. 

Home Insurance

By this point, you’re probably underway with a mortgage and perhaps even on the way to owning your first home, upsizing or downsizing. This means you’ll be under no illusion that a very sensible step to take is to insure your house and your possessions. You want to be sure that you will be compensated for your losses. 

As a homeowner living in your own property, you should look into an insurance cover which pays out for both the house itself and also your possessions. Perhaps with accidental cover too. This is known as home, buildings and contents insurance. 

If you rent properties out, as a landlord, unless you rent the houses furnished, you only need to have buildings insurance for the house itself. Most insurance companies cover you for some contents, i.e. whatever wouldn’t fall out of your house if you turned it upside down!  

As we are registered with the FCA, I can also advise and help with your insurance needs, just ask.