Home Movers

Home Movers

As the title suggests, you are a home mover if you already have a mortgage and are planning on moving to a new property.

Moving home is pretty exciting but can be pretty stressful too, so we are here to help and make sure you find the right mortgage. Typically, a home mover mortgage is for when you’re moving to a bigger home. 


As mentioned above, some mortgages are what we call portable, which means taking your existing mortgage to your new home. But some are not. It’s also possible that your current lender won’t allow you to borrow additional funds – enough for you to move home, that is.

If you still wish to remain with your current lender when you move to a new home, i.e. transfer your mortgage to your new home, then this is called porting. You’ll likely need to complete a new application, as your current lender will need to review your financial circumstances as things may have changed. Also worth bearing in mind, you’ll need to pay valuation fees and stamp duty at the time of the application. 

The best thing to do here is to speak with us. Taking into consideration your current lender and the deals available from new lenders we can look at your existing mortgage, any fees for moving to a new provider, scope any new deals available and then work out your best move.   

To make the most of remortgaging, try and get the timings right. For example, you are able to secure a new rate up to 6 months before the end of your current fixed-rate deal. This way, when you remortgage, it’s possible you’ll save money on your new deal. Unless of course, your financial situation is worse than it was when you took out your original mortgage. 

Yes you can, however, it’s definitely worth shopping around to compare to other deals. As mortgage advisers, we can help you save time by doing this for you and aiming to source the best deal to suit your revised circumstances. 

Yes, we absolutely can. As mortgage brokers, we have access to the whole of market, so we are not biased toward any particular lender. We can aim to source the best deals at the best time to suit you and we can advise on the most suitable types of mortgage for home movers like yourself.