Specialist Mortgages

Specialist Mortgages

If you’re in the market for a more ‘non-vanilla’ mortgage, or shall we say, specialist or adverse mortgage, then you’ve come to the right place.

Specialist mortgages are available to those who need an alternative solution or perhaps unable to meet the usual lending criteria that regular mortgage lenders set. This is when a mortgage adviser like ourselves can be instrumental. We have access to the whole of market and depending upon your criteria, we will know which lender to approach! 


For example, you might be self-employed, a limited company director, a sole trader, contractor. There are many self-employed mortgages available. If you’re perhaps mid-way through an IVA, or you’ve been bankrupt, then again, we may be able to help. You don’t have to be a ‘specialist’ in any particular subject to require a ‘specialist’ mortgage. More so that your circumstances are a little different.  

Always have at the forefront of your mind that lenders are not permitted to discriminate no matter what the circumstance.  As with all types of specialist mortgage – such as low credit scores or if you’ve missed payments on your credit card, etc., generally speaking, a mortgage can be found, but the terms will likely be different to the standard terms. The LTV (loan to value) ratio may be different too. All they want and need to know is that you’re able to fulfil your obligations and pay your repayments.